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Atom Editor Setup for Elixir

I use the following Atom plugins for Elixir:

  • language-elixir
  • linter-elixirc
  • linter-elixir-credo
  • atom-elixir-formatter

After installing each of these packages, make sure you configure them. Most of them don’t work without explicit configuration.

Most of these plugins require you to configure either the elixir binary path or the mix binary path (or both). To do so, first open a terminal, and run which elixir or which mix to get the binary path.


This is the minimal package you want to use when developing Elixir code. It provides code syntax highlighting.


This provides feedback when you write bad syntax or syntax that is considered a warning by the Elixir compiler. It saves time that would be wasted running tests, only to find out you wrote bad syntax.


This provides feedback when you write syntax that violates code style conventions managed by Credo.


Utility that formats Elixir code with the Elixir Formatter. One side utility of this package is that it allows you to paste in large data structures from test output into your test or fixtures, then easily format the resulting code. It only works if you have Elixir 1.6 or higher.